Season Update

We are finally making it through bloom! It has been an unusually cool June which has slowed things down in the vineyard. Around the county, vineyards are about three weeks behind last year. We made a few adjustments based on this; one is we moved up the “leafing” in the vineyard. Leafing is removing the leaves that are covering the fruiting zone to allow more sunlight and airflow to access the young grape clusters. This is important to help push the vines forward this year. Last year we didn’t “leaf “until mid-July. Despite the cool weather there is a normal number of clusters on the vines, and we are still on a great path to having another outstanding harvest here in the Russian River Valley.

The Future of Wine: BLUE BIN

The winery team is so excited to be able to finally launch BLUE BIN! The first premium sustainable wine packaged in a full 750mL bottle made from 100% recycled material that is also 100% recyclable! We partnered with a company named Amcor who is a global leader in responsible packaging. BLUE BIN has customized planet-friendly bottles that are designed to be smaller, lighter, shatterproof, and fully recyclable! The fact these bottles are shatterproof means you can bring wine to the places it used to not go, like campsites, boats, the pool, and the beach! We are the first to use this bottle!

Ron Rubin Estate VineyardBrad Schenken, Operations Manager – Amcor Rigid Packaging Murilo Mendonca, Plant Director North America, Amcor Rigid Packaging

This innovation is so important because glass bottles account for 30% of wine’s carbon footprint – the single biggest factor – and less than 30% of wine bottles in the U.S. are actually recycled. In search of a planet-friendly alternative that allows consumers to enjoy the wine they love with less environmental impact; Ron Rubin Winery conducted a two-year formal assessment of wine packaging to develop a premium wine for eco-conscious wine-lovers. Each 100% recyclable BLUE BIN bottle is lined with Plasmax, an ultra-thin protective layer of glass, to ensure the wine’s taste and quality!

Ron Rubin Estate VineyardDiane DiRoma, VP, General Manager and Ed Morris, Winemaker proudly showcasing Blue Bin!

On behalf of the entire team here at Ron Rubin Winery, we wish you all continued good health!

Be Well,